Private Esports goes FIFA19

Its been a long time coming but we can finally announce

Private Esports acquired a FIFA19 Roster

We’re very happy we can finally talk about this move, since its been in the making for quite some time now.

About two months ago, we decided to invest in the austrian FIFA market but go a different way. Instead of acquiring players for or from the eBundesliga ( we’ve decided to go international. The biggest „con“ with the eBundesliga is, that they play a mode (85 mode) that isn’t being played internationally. So no matter how good you are in austria, you have a seriously hard time to become successful internationally – even in germany.

So we decided to acquire players that play the internationally played mode FUT (Fifa Ultimate Tournament mode). Especially great is the fact, that the two players on our roster are brothers. Please welcome:

Nico „l Nico AT l“ Pankratz

Benny „l Benny AT l“ Balog

They will represent us in several FIFA tournaments over the coming months as well as online leagues AND they’re streaming on their channel fifaAT.

They are managed and coached by our Florian Weiss – who is a well known figure in the austrian FIFA scene himself.

Follow them, subscribe to their channel and give them a huge welcome: