Fortnite here we come

This year has been phenominal so far. We’ve had a big focus on growing our organisation while staying true to our credo AND the ambition to belong to the very best at everything we do.

Fortnite has caught our attention quite a while ago. But since the game is relatively new, especially to the world of esports it was actually very hard to legitimately scout good players. Since there are no ranks or series to scout get a glimpse into the scene.

It took a lot of time and energy but we’ve finally found the players we were looking for. Young, talented and REALLY hungry for success.


Yihao „Shaydn“ Liu

Lukas „deistbear“ Roithinger

to the team.

Both are ranked in the top 10 amongst austrian players in almost every fortnite stat possible (wins, winrate, kdr etc.) partially even leading the national scoreboard. We’re really excited for the things to come.

They will take part in online scrims and offline tournaments and will be representing our organisation in this new and popular esport.